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Written by Kent Tarrant

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October 8, 2019

On Sept 21th, 2019 we finally got to pick up out New Jeep Gladiator. We traded in our 2010 Jeep Sahara that our friends had Dubbed “The Widow” because of the nice West Coast Choppers Black Widow Rims that were on her originally. Can’t say I wasn’t sad when I handed over the Keys. We been through a lot in 10 years, even 2 Blizzards on the Trans Labrador Highway.


Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 1

Anyways, this article is about the new Jeep not the old one. So this is the run down on the New 2020 Jeep Gladiator we purchased:
* Jeep Gladiator Rubicon

  • Winter package – a Must since we live in Labrador
  • LED Package
  • Line-X Bed liner
  • 2.5 EVO Suspension Lift.
  • King Shocks
  • Smittybilt Winch Bumper
  • Warn WR10 Winch w/Synthetic Rope
  • 35” Procomp Xtreme MT2 Tires
  • 17” Procomp Series 97 Rims
Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 2
Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 3

We didn’t go too aggressive with the lift for 2 reasons, 1 the Laws in Newfoundland and Labrador are changing and I didn’t want to get stuck having to convert it back to stock and 2, with a new baby in the house a monster high machine would make it challenging to put the baby into the Jeep.

Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 4

The First test was “How much space does it have” well we unpacked the Sahara (Which was packed to the roof) and managed to fit 95% of the same stuff into the Gladiator (We have a Tonneau cover) This could have been much easier but the 35” Spare had to also be packed into the box.

We left Truro NS, with myself, Sheena and the Baby and headed back to the Big Land. I was really impressed the difference in the pickup and acceleration of the Gladiator, since it has the same Pentastar engine as our 2012 Rubicon. I guess the 8-speed transmission makes all the difference.

One of the things I did have to get used to is the length of the rig, I guess I’ve been driving JK’s so long, that I was locked into a habit of turning at 90 Degree turns a certain way. I managed to jump the curb a few times, but it didn’t take long before I got used to it.

Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 5

We were worried that the Lift Kit we had installed would change the road manners of the Jeep. We had seen this on the 2 JK’s we previous owned. We just accepted that if you wanted 35” s you were going to have to get used to the idea that you’re rig would ride like a tank. But we were pleasantly surprised. The Gladiator rides like any full-sized truck on the market. The 35’s make very little difference to the ride of the Jeep.

I had done a bunch of reading before we bought our Gladiator, and I had hoped that the complaints about fuel economy were isolated to people with a heavy foot, but I was just being optimistic. The Gladiator is not awesome on gas, as a matter of fact it was about the same as the Sahara we traded in. Even using hyper-miling techniques, the best I could get the gauge down to was 12.1 l/100km. I guess if you’re buying a rig with 4:10 Gears and 35s with the aerodynamics of a shoebox you can’t expect the fuel economy of a Prius.

Our Jeep Gladiator – 0 to 2000 Km 6

I can honestly say that so far we are happy with our purchase. The Jeep is a real head turner, as there are still not many around and even fewer that are Lifted and Modified right off the lot.

Only been out playing around a little in it so far. I can’t wait to get it out on the trail, and see what she can do.

Stay Tuned!
Labrador Jeeper!

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