Go Topless Labrador 2018

Go Topless Labrador 2018

The Jeep gods were smiling on us!

Tough economic times, and and a nasty weather forecast really made us wonder how this years Event would go. But the Jeep gods were smiling on us! The weather cleared off and although it was a bit windy it was warm enough to put off a fun event!

The Cruise portion attracted over 20 Vehicles. Many Topless, some were not even Jeeps! We lined off at the Rec Center an waited for our RNC Escort.

Go Topless
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Go Topless Labrador 2018 2
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Once we hit the Gateway building the hotdogs started flying and the furious race to get your bids in on our awesome prizes started. Our suppliers were generous this year, with some amazing prizes being donated.

Go Topless Labrador 2018 9

All together we raised Just about $2400 for our charity (Donald McDonald NL) This puts us just below our alltime target of $10k. There’s always next year.

Tanya Hatch was the lucky winner of our 50/50 Draw this year.

Go Topless Labrador 2018 10
Go Topless Labrador 2018 11
Our other big prize for the silent auction was a Cooler Bench, which was won by Heather and Stacey.

Congratulations to all our Winners.

We were pretty fortunate to have a decent day, so 4 Jeep loads of people went for a little offroad adventure. Myself and Pat Ryan, and the Boys from Fermont decided a little snow run was in order!

Go Topless Labrador 2018 12
Go Topless Labrador 2018 13
Go Topless Labrador 2018 14
Go Topless Labrador 2018 15
Go Topless Labrador 2018 16
Go Topless Labrador 2018 17

Big thanks to all the people who helped and to all the organizations that donated to the event!

HeavyEquip, Herb’s Industrial, IGA, D & J Contracting, Tobins Convenience, Sugar Shack, Stagg and Templeman, NAPA, Aramark, Sarah’s Ind Scentsy Consultant, Tender Love and Craft by Kandice Hercules, Raeann Brown, Pimp my Nails, Younique (Nicole Blanchard) ,T he Bag Lady, Heather and Stacey, Lush Lips , Lab City, 2 Seasons Inn.

Almost time to Go Topless!

Almost time to Go Topless!

For the Past 6 years, we have organized the Labrador Jeep owners Go Topless Day. Most years it’s been in May on international Go Topless day. This year is no exception. Each year it’s gotten a little bit bigger, and we make a little more money for our Charity.

We chose Ronald McDonald House, initially cause one of our members had spent time there as a kid, and that same year myself and my wife spent 27 Days there ourselves. For Parents with a sick child, it’s a home away from home, one less thing to worry about while at the Hospital away from home. Well I’m Happy to say Since we started we’ve raised over $7300 for the cause. This year we’re hoping to hit $10,000 Raised.

Almost time to Go Topless! 18
This year we’re getting the group together again to show off out Jeep’s (And others) and raise some money. Before hand we’re selling T-Shirts and selling 50 / 50 tickets. If we succeed in selling all our tickets we’ll hit out 10K Goal even before the event! At the event we’re going to be selling Hot Dogs, having a silent Auction and taking donations.

Every year this is a fun day for the Jeeple (And the Public) and we really appreciate the public support we get.

So if you drive a Jeep, I’ll see you at the event, if you don’t Pop by and grab a hot dog or try your chance to win.

We’ll see about the weather, maybe we’ll get a little Snow Run in. (Yes you read that right)

Check out the shots below of GTD’s of the past!