Another Hobby to add to my Jeeping! Drone Flying!


Written by Kent Tarrant

Category: Jeeper

October 10, 2018

I always thought it was pretty cool when you see youtube videos with awesome drone shots. I thought it would be cool to do Jeep videos from the air. And when a Friend offered to sell my old buddies DJI Inspire one I freaked out!

Another Hobby to add to my Jeeping! Drone Flying! 1
Tims Rig

Tims Rig
Tim was a Jeeper too, but he spent a bunch of time playing with and tweaking this unit for distance. (Another rule, we’re not allowed to do that anymore.) I was only glad to bring the ol girl back to life.

After a few weeks of tinkering i got it flying, I learned the rules (Oh SO MANY RULES) and learned to fly the contraption. All summer i dragged this thing all over the place and got some really nice shots! Check out the Videos below the Gallery. I’m getting good with the thing now.

Labrador Drone Images

Moose Head Lake and Cowboy Creek
Walsh River and Surrounding Area

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