Our Whirlwind Tour of the Atlantic Provinces. (Vacation 2018 – Part 1)

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Written by Kent Tarrant

Category: Jeeper

September 11, 2018

Well we made it! 3 Weeks, of constant travel and Fun. Over 7300 KM on TicTac in 3 weeks is a hell of a feat!

Here is the summary of what we did and a Preview of some stories that I’ll share later.

SO Lab City to Truro, NS 26 hours straight drive, Lesson learned, make Hotel Reservations… after a few days spent with my Aunt and Uncle we went to a Wedding in PEI. Congratulations Darrell and Charlotte!! Then Across the Island in another Marathon Drive to get to the Burin Pen. Lawn, NL where my parents have a summer home. Then to St John’s for more Shopping and Jeep repairs. (And bought Kayaks, See video below) Then Up the coast to Port Hope SImpson to spend some time she Sheena’s Family. All in all AWESOME!

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